About SonLiving

SonLiving.com began development in early 2011 by Bob Van Zandt, Founder and CEO of SonGear.com, a Christian Clothing company, and was largely inspired by a close friend and business partner, Paul Stukel, CEO of Nexxus Publishing.

Our goal is to provide a single source of spiritually healthy Christian content from a variety of global sources on the internet. This content, distributed through our various social media platforms, is designed to assist our readers with advancing God's Kingdom, either in their own lives, or the lives of their friends, families and co-workers.

Officially debuting in January 2012, SonLiving.com is rapidly growing and becoming a trusted resource for thousands of readers each day.

SonLiving.com operates as a pan-denominatial website incorporating all Christ-centered denominations equally as the body of Christ.

Statement of Faith

We believe there is one true God, eternally existing in three persons -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit -- each of whom possesses equally all the attributes of Deity and the characteristics of personality.

We believe Jesus Christ is God, the living Word, who became flesh through His miraculous conception by the Holy Spirit and His virgin birth. Hence, He is perfect Deity and true humanity united in one person forever.

We believe He lived a sinless life and voluntarily atoned for the sins of men by dying on the cross as their substitute, thus satisfying divine justice and accomplishing salvation for all who trust in Him alone.

We believe He rose from the dead in the same body, though glorified, in which He lived and died.

We believe He ascended bodily into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God the Father, where He, the only mediator between God and man, continually makes intercession for His own.

We affirm that human beings, though created in the image of God, are sinful and guilty, and lost without Jesus Christ, who offers the forgiveness of sins and the liberating gifts of the Spirit to all who repent and believe.

We believe salvation involves the redemption of the whole man, and is offered freely to all who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. In its broadest sense, salvation includes regeneration, justification, sanctification, and glorification.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, whose work includes the conviction of sin, faith in Christ, new birth and Christian growth. Through him, God's people are baptized into the Body of Christ and enlightened and empowered in worship, evangelism, and service.

We believe God, in His own time and in His own way, will raise the dead and that Christ will judge all men in righteousness. The unrighteous will be consigned to Hell, the place of everlasting punishment. The righteous, in their resurrected and glorified bodies, will receive their reward and will dwell forever in Heaven with the Lord.


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