Hey Christians, Say Goodbye To Religious Freedom

Just in case you need a refresher: Back in 2012, a baker in the Denver suburb of Lakewood was asked by a ...

When Shame Vanishes

Hesiod gives a remarkable description of a degenerate culture by pointing to several of its hallmark characteristics. This one is particularly chilling. ...

Satanic Group Playing with Fire

One of the most frightening books I’ve ever read was Possessed, the real-life account of an exorcism in 1949, in St. Louis, Mo. It served as the basis of the popular novel and film “The Exorcist.” ... Full story

Dying for Christianity: millions at risk amid rise in persecution across the globe

Increase in murder, as well as rape, torture and discrimination, has led the pope to warn of a ‘form of genocide’ ... Full story

When the Klan came to our revival

Melanie was — depending on who you talked to — sharing the love of Christ or trying to cause trouble. ... Full story

The West Must Save Persecuted Christians

Christians have been persecuted since the very beginnings of the faith and always will be. ... Full story

The Cross and the Confederate Flag

This week the nation reels over the murder of praying Christians in an historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina. ... Full story

Extraordinary forgiveness in the face of evil

We’re sure most have seen this by now, but our admiration for these family members of those slain in Charleston cannot be expressed sufficiently. Christian forgiveness truly beyond comprehension. We honestly cannot remember a more powerful testimony for Christ in our lifetimes. He Lives, and the victims of this crime now live with Him. May God bless these extraordinary people in their grief. ... Full story

Father's Day From the Pulpit: A Crucial Message

Father's Day is coming and our national church response will be predictable. ... Full story

Elisabeth Elliot's Strong Views Were Not About Women Only

Swimming against the stream is always hard. An interview with Elisabeth Elliot. ... Full story