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Fox News' Highly Reluctant Jesus Follower

Of all people surprised that I became an evangelical Christian, I'm the most surprised. ...

Christian mother confronts thief who stole her wallet, and offers to pay for his groceries instead of calling the police

A Christian mother of four who was recently pick-pocketed at her local grocery store, appealed to God instead of the police to ...

A Time to Die

Americans have forgotten the art of dying. ... Full story

A long way from Tehran

On Sept. 23 Naghmeh Abedini of Boise, Idaho, was in New York. ... Full story


Uncovering the Head Covering Debate

What happened to Scripture’s call to cover our heads in worship? ... Full story

Adultery and Divorce

Infidelity is at an all-time high in our society. As shocking as it may be to many of us, even Christian men and women have adulterous affairs. ... Full story

The birds, the bees and the Baptists

In a sex-saturated society, do churches that consider conversations about human sexuality taboo run the risk of appearing irrelevant? ... Full story

Interview: Nation in Desperate Need of a Revival, Says Cathe Laurie

Evangelist Greg Laurie's wife, Cathe, who leads a national prayer initiative related to the upcoming Harvest America in Philadelphia later this month, said she has been praying about the country's desperate need for revival. ... Full story

Like parents, like daughter

Leah Anderson Reed follows her parents, CBF field peronnel Anna and LaCount Anderson, into ordained ministry — despite seing the ups-and-downs she witnessed as a preacher's kid. ... Full story

What About Eve?

As a young Christian woman involved in a research project on the doctrine of original sin, I noticed something was missing. Well, someone. Eve. ... Full story

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