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Parents: Give Up Your Great Expectations

Embracing the imago Dei over childhood milestones. ...

Was the Apostle Paul a Misogynist?

In the modern world many people rather casually assume, or assert, that the Apostle Paul was a misogynist based upon his teachings ...

It's Time for Busy Ladies to Give It a Rest

How to find the downtime you never realized you had. ... Full story

Why Men Hate Going to Church

I was in line at Chickfila the other morning, and the perky cashier asked for my name, and I mumbled “Brandon.” ... Full story


Losing their religion: More women join the unspiritual set

Nadia Bulkin, 27, the daughter of a Muslim father and a Christian mother, spends “zero time” thinking about God. ... Full story

Father of Baby with Down Syndrome Raises $500,000 through Gofundme

And yet we couldn't raise $2000 to help 500 families. ... Full story

Parents Ruling by Love and Age

Perhaps we do not normally think of parents as rulers. Aristotle did. ... Full story

What Women Want: More Opportunities to Serve

Need Christians to help and lead at church? I know plenty. ... Full story

Why Do Men Cheat?

In my opinion, the best movie about Vietnam is We Were Soldiers starring Mel Gibson. He plays lieutenant general Hal Moore who commanded the first major battle of that war known as the Battle of Ia Drang. ... Full story

Dating by Q&A

Keeping courtship from turning into a job interview. ... Full story

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