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Finding Hope for an Often-Fatal Genetic Disorder

Molly Merry rests a hand on her pregnant belly, smiling at the uncertainty that lay in her womb. She wasn't always this ...

Unsolicited advice to how to find a mate

In one of his lesser known comedies, playwright Neil Simon depicts the irrationality of undiluted physical attraction through the love-struck yearnings of ...

Top 10 Signs You Need a Moms’ Night Out

Wondering if you're due for a break? Here are the red flags that you need a break for the sake of your own sanity. ... Full story

Mercy in the Name of God, Not Government

How our country’s religious freedoms might prompt us to care for immigrants. ... Full story


No Longer Unashamed

Certain shame can push us to repentance and our God of grace. ... Full story

I Know Satan When I See Him

Why I love all the dark and scary stories my fellow Christians tell me to avoid. ... Full story

Tied Up in Our Own Preferences

How fear, not prayer, led us to choose sterilization… and regret it. ... Full story

Fathers and families

When Fathers’ Day began to be celebrated, it was more or less taken for granted that a child knew who was his or her father. ... Full story

"Exonerating Eve"?

In the epic film Noah, the screenwriters do the impossible: they give a positive twist to the famous raging flood by saying it cleansed the world of pollution. ... Full story

Why I'm Sick of Women's Conferences

I've been to eight women's conferences in the last three months. ... Full story

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