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The Truth is Always 'Offensive'

When Jesus stood before Pilate, just prior to going to His execution, Pilate asked Him, “Are you the King of the Jews?” ...

All Christians Rely on Tradition Rather than Scripture Alone

Evangelicals are more Catholic than they think ...

But Now I See

I know next to nothing about Canon Law, but I have the impression that it would frown on carrying a voice recorder into the Confessional. ... Full story

Owning our baptism

The transfer of the celebration of the Epiphany to a Sunday from January 6 (the solemnity’s traditional date), and the elimination of Sundays-after-Epiphany in favor of the ill-named Sundays of “Ordinary Time,” has made a hash of the Christmas liturgical season, as I suggested in “Evangelical Catholicism.” ... Full story


Loving the Lost

You will be known by your Christlike love for the broken. ... Full story

Touting Thomas

Though his name has become synonymous with doubt and disbelief, Thomas the Apostle seems to have been a man who embodied quite the opposite. ... Full story

One Word Changes Everything; Can You Handle The Truth?

There is a significant shift in the church today to avoid controversial truths, such as sin and repentance. ... Full story

100 Years Ago — The Christmas Truce

A century ago this week, one of the most miraculous of Christmas miracles occurred. It is known today by some people, but largely has been forgotten. ... Full story

Little Drummer Boy's Poverty, and Ours

A nervous child approaches a homeless family in the hope that they will be pleased with the only thing he has to offer: some simple music played on his little drum. ... Full story

How To Be A Christlike Ally

Many of us want to be allies to our African American brothers and sisters but don't know how. The incarnation of Jesus shows us the way. ... Full story

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