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3 Reasons to Hope Even When Your Best Friends Try To Talk You Out of It

It was on the same day the baby was born that I sat with her. Her body had been drained, almost all ...

Creedal Faith

Imagine you went to the doctor and the doctor walked into your room and said, “I’ve got good news and I’ve got ...

3 Things to Do When You're Drowning Spiritually

Let's start by focusing on someone who actually did drown—literally—but God rescued him. ... Full story

Protestants should heed the pope this week

Francis challenges anti-life Western secularists good and hard. ... Full story


Blaming God for Worldwide Suffering Is Irrational

So you say you refuse to believe in a God who allows so much suffering in the world. OK. You have obviously given this matter some thought. But have you considered it rationally? ... Full story

Isn’t It Worth the Risk to Obey God?

I once enrolled in a sewing course at a community college. The first night the class was held, the teacher instructed us, "Be thinking about why you are here." ... Full story

Just Leave It There

We believe Jesus in many ways and about many things; or we like to believe we do. ... Full story

Pope Francis and the Devil

Why does so much of Pope Francis' speech seem to be haunted by the Devil? ... Full story

Returning to Jesus Christ: How the Gospel Addresses a Culture that has Forgotten How to Love

G.K. Chesterton relates the story of "a large and heavy and quiet boy, and phenomenally silent" who one day surprised his tutor by suddenly asking "in an explosive manner": "What is God?" ... Full story

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