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Pope Francis: “Children have a ‘Right’ to a Mother and Father”

Pope Francis continues to elicit much strong reaction among orthodox Catholics and liberal Catholics, Protestants and Jews, agnostics and atheists, progressives and ...

The Fascinating Politics of Polygamy

There have been a number of interesting comments related to the new Gallup data showing America’s socially-liberal shift continuing apace, but before ...

Pastor Saeed Abedini's Wife to Congress: 'We Are a Family Torn Apart,' but 'Jesus Hasn't Abandoned Us'

The wife of American pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been imprisoned in Iran for nearly three years because he held a Bible study, told Congress on Tuesday that despite being separated from both her husband and her children, Jesus has not abandoned her torn-apart family. ... Full story

Rubio Warns of 'Clear, Present Danger' to Christianity

Nearly eight years have passed since a young Democrat named Barack Obama captured the White House. Now, another up-and-coming politician has a chance to take a similar path. ... Full story


'Tidal wave' of Chinese believers encouraged to persevere

Chinese believers could be the next missions sending force, following the Western and Korean Christians who've gone before them. They pray, give and go, sacrificing everything to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the nations. ... Full story

You Can't Ignore the Miracle of Christianity in China

Last week I worshipped in Hong Kong with hundreds of believers at the Wing Kwong Church, a Pentecostal Holiness congregation that has grown from 28 members in 1978 to more than 13,000 today. ... Full story

Film 'Where Hope Grows' Shatters Down Syndrome Stereotypes

One of my best friends of all time has what the world would call a "disability." He has Down syndrome, and if statistics are correct, then a large number of babies in the womb diagnosed with his condition never make it to full term. They're aborted. ... Full story

I’m Gay, And I Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

I want nothing in this world more than to be a father. Yet I can’t bring myself to celebrate same-sex marriage. ... Full story

Watch 5,000 Years of Religious History in 90 Seconds to See the Amazing Impact of Christian Missions

An animation map showing 5,000 years of religious history in 90 seconds shows the effect of Christian missions on the spread of Christianity. ... Full story

Why the Time Is Ripe for Pro-Life Reform

Despite what you may have heard, more Americans than ever want abortion access restricted. ... Full story

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