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Why Are Americans Happy & Religious?

A new Pew survey of 44 countries reiterates what other surveys have shown for years: Americans are more religious and Americans ...

What do Jimmy Fallon, Ernie Banks and Pope Francis have in common?

OK, so maybe we can't draw straight lines connecting TV celebrity Jimmy Fallon, the late baseball great Ernie Banks and Pope Francis. ...

Pro-Life Groups Mourn Loss of Movement's 'Towering Figure' Dr. Jack Willke

Pro-life organizations are mourning the loss of 89-year-old Dr. Jack Willke, who was a major figure in the anti-abortion movement. ... Full story

The faith behind Disney's 'McFarland, USA'

New movie starring Kevin Costner is based on the inspiring true story of coach Jim White, who has deep roots in Churches of Christ. ... Full story


Obama Says US Not in 'Religious War' Against Radical Islamists; Sen. Graham Asserts the Opposite

President Barack Obama said he rejects the notion that the war on terrorism is any kind of "religious war" against radical Islam, and that the U.S. should align itself with the 99.9 percent of Muslims who are also looking for peace and prosperity. ... Full story

When bad religion makes headlines

The recent hoopla over using the Duke University chapel for Muslim prayers raises interesting issues, and is just another sign of our highly-religious nation’s deeply troubled understanding of its own convictions. ... Full story

American Sniper, Hollywood Heresy

What's so surprising is not that it keeps happening. What's surprising is that people continue to be shocked and scandalized when it does happen. ... Full story

Bobby Jindal at National Prayer Rally: Billy Graham Inspired Me to Convert to Christianity; America Needs a Spiritual Revival, Not Just a Good Political Leader

Louisiana governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate Bobby Jindal shared with thousands of people at his national prayer rally Sunday how he converted from Hinduism to Catholicism, and urged prayers for America's spiritual revival as well as President Obama and his family. ... Full story

The audacity of Jeb Bush: A governor goes all in on the Terri Schiavo case

Tricia Rivas had never written to an elected official, but gripped with emotion, she composed an urgent email to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. "Please save Terri Schiavo!" ... Full story

This is State of our Union

This is State of the Union season, where our president will address the nation, governors will address their states and mayors will address their cities. They will unveil their dreams for today and their hopes for tomorrow. ... Full story

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