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'I am Charlie' vs. 'I am Jew'

As opposed to the massive, worldwide show of solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo journalists who were murdered by Islamic terrorists in Paris ...

What We Talk About When We Talk about Race in Pop Culture

As a young writer and a young Christian, knowing how to discuss race can be a landmine. ...

Virtue and Free Speech

Defending offensive speech is not a virtuous act. ... Full story

New York Times Editorial Board: Better Luck Next 'Times' When Attacking Christian Messages

Apparently, The New York Times is in favor of faith in the public square -- if the purpose is to mock it. ... Full story


An Historic Christmas Event In Egypt, And What It Means

I am pleased to bring to your attention an extraordinary guest blogger, Michele Antaki. ... Full story

Andrae Crouch – He Just Couldn’t Turn Off the Love

Andrae Crouch has died. For the few who don’t know his name, that gap is filled by the fact that all of America and much of the world knows his music. ... Full story

Forget Evolution vs Creation, There Are (At Least) 6 Different Views, Evangelical Biophysicist Explains

Media coverage of debates over the Bible, the origin of life and God can mischaracterize many people by suggesting there are only two sides — creationists and evolutionists. ... Full story

What christianity contributes to china's economic rise

What has fueled China’s remarkable economic growth that has lifted more than 500 million people out of abject poverty and positioned it to become the world’s largest economy? ... Full story

Jesus may have been tried here: Archaeologists uncover Herod’s palace

The site where Jesus may have been tried, prior to his crucifixion, is now open to the public for the very first time. ... Full story

Cardinal Dolan Urges Support for NYPD After Killings

During Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dolan Expresses Solidarity With Mayor, Commissioner ... Full story

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