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How Christians have misunderstood grace

“Grace” appears exactly 170 times in The King James Version of the Bible. ...

A Lifestyle of Devotion

If you were to outline the book of Hebrews, you would see that from 4:14 to 10:18, the author builds an extensive ...

Jesus is at the Border: Immigration, Barriers, and God’s Economy

I am not a politician, so I’m not an expert on immigration policies. ... Full story

Hip Hop Artist: Young Adults Attracted to Authentic Christian Leaders; Church Lagging Behind in Art World

Rapper and spoken word artist Propaganda performs during The Heart Revolution Conference at Cornerstone Church in San Diego, Calif. ... Full story


The Sacred Heart in Our Stars

John Green's novel The Fault in Our Stars has proven to be wildly popular among young adults in the English speaking world, and the recently released film adaptation of the book has garnered both impressive reviews and a massive audience. ... Full story

America Won’t Be Good without God

Religion is key to having a moral society and polity. ... Full story

Zacchaeus: Honest and Tall

In Jewish tradition, Scripture is not merely read and applied: it is debated and examined from multiple angles. ... Full story

The Life After Death of My Mother Marylu de Watteville Raushenbush

My mother died at 9:35 on July 4th, as I stroked her cheek with my arms around her, and repeated the litany of love that we had been reciting over the last 36 hours. ... Full story

Books for summer reading

Real readers read books all year round. But the convention of the “summer reading list” has become so thoroughly engrained in our culture that it seems appropriate to suggest four books-for-summer that will deepen any thoughtful Catholic’s faith—and any thoughtful Catholic’s perception of the challenges Catholics face today. ... Full story

How to hear God's voice and not be institutionalized

“Pastor, God told me you should . . .” ... Full story

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