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How Extreme Is Your Love?

The world needs people who love their enemies like Christ. ...

David Brooks: We Need to Start Talking about Sin and Righteousness Again

The New York Times columnist asks what it takes to build character in a 'Big Me' culture. ...

What Do You Do When You Are in a Storm?

Three things to remember when the waters get rough. ... Full story

Are Some Churches Too Cool?

I don't blog often - at least from a personal standpoint - but this morning I read an article that has consumed my thoughts for the last few hours. ... Full story


The Gospel is Not “You Do,” It’s “Jesus Did”

How does the raising of Lazarus affect the way we share the gospel? ... Full story

Searching for Happiness

I recently went to Amazon's Kindle store and searched for "Happiness." There were more than 75 books offering advice, but none of them looked especially appealing. ... Full story

Billy Graham: God grants prayer requests according to His will

DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: I know God sometimes says “no” when we ask for something in our prayers. But if he really loved us, wouldn’t he always answer our prayers with a “yes”? — G.H. ... Full story

Why Following Your Heart Is a Really Bad Idea

There’s a difference between following your heart and being led by God. ... Full story

The Dark Wood of David Brooks

David Brooks’s next book, The Road to Character, publishes tomorrow, the same days as my own How Dante Can Save Your Life. ... Full story

Proclaiming 'Absolute Truth' Isn't Equivalent to Arrogance

Some unbelievers are humble. And some professing Christians are arrogant. The reverse is also true. It really boils down to what's in someone's heart, rather than how unequivocally a person proclaims his ideology. ... Full story

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